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It's International Repair Day!

"A day to promote and celebrate the value of fixing"

Fix shit or cry trying, as the saying goes. I've got a toy laptop, a sewing machine and a pair of jeans to fix.

Second session of commons.hour is coming up: 4th Monday of this month. Oct 25th

The political economy of community organising in digital spaces - Activist commitments, livelihood, contribution, privilege

Presenter: Ela Kagel (Supermarkt Berlin, Platform Cooperatives Germany)

Signup, blurb and background links here

See y'all?

We just watched Sisters With Transistors and it was brilliant.

Documentary on some of the early electronic music pioneers - I knew Delia Derbyshire and Wendy Carlos already but got introduced to some amazing others.

Let's see if this works (posted on FB):

I am turning 60 on Monday, so I'd like to use the occasion to raise some money to help out a few of the grassroots movements for social transformation that I support and encourage people to try out a cooperative alternative to GAFAM. So,

Option A: make a donation to Labor Notes (, GEO (, or OFN (

Option B: join Social.Coop and sign up for a free Meet.Coop acct.

Option C: Both!"

~ At the end of a religious ceremony ~

The priest, gesturing beatifically and chanting, ๐ŸŽถ This site uses cookies ๐ŸŽถ

The congregation replies, ๐ŸŽถ I accept ๐ŸŽถ

No one remembers what this means or why we say it

Free remote woven robot maypole dancing *next week* - help us try and weave a braid over video chat by controlling your own robot, all you need is a browser. Sign up and more info here:

Time for your corporate workplace team-building exercises! :)

*forms union*

No, not like that!

Seeing the stuff around Angela Raynor in the news (some hoo ha about her using the phrase 'Tory Scum'), I am reminded of the Tory Scum Top Trumps I gave my brother a few years back as a present :D

This so-called Decentralised Wiki appears to be centralised.

What are your thoughts on Murray Bookchin?

I'd say "Influencer Marketing Manager" is approaching peak bullshit when it comes to bullshit jobs.

uk fuel crisis 

This is not affecting me as I don't drive. But I wonder what the knock-on effects will be. And the main reason being a driver shortage so it's part of an overall supply chain crisis. The stories about queues and some people's behaviour on the petrol station forecourts is all a bit foreboding towards your standard dystopian sci-fi resource crisis.

The Let's Encrypt root certificate expired on 30th Sept and this is causing problems for older devices.

Every day you go without thinking of the revolution is a victory for the system.

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