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Happy to be part of the Compassion Through Algorithms II compilation of algorithmic music from the more northerly parts of England, standing with the Black Lives Matter movement

Looking forward to taking back control with Netscape Communicator 4

Looks like a good webinar, about community wealth building and doughnut economics, with Kate Raworth, and Matthew Brown (of Preston City Council)

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A view of the Lake District from Ulverston, the peaks have a bit of sugar on top at the moment.

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For anyone interested in the history of, one of the oldest community-hosting collectives using and recommending exclusively free code software, here's a 2020 interview with some of the collective members:

Note the comments on the role of Indymedia in their genesis and growth.

#RiseUp #CommunityHosting #FreeCode #Indymedia

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Automattic has a pretty cool job going for work on integrating WordPress with matrix. They're looking for someone capable of working on multiple programming languages, especially PHP and JavaScript.

#jobs #SituationsVacant #NowHiring
#Automattic #WordPress #matrix

Time-tracking seems to be an important part of . Or at least Guerrilla Media Collective's implementation of it.


I seem to have an ingrained antipathy towards fine-grained time-tracking so it'll be good to read about its utility here - the main one being transparency and ensuring all work is recognised I think.

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Granted, it's a pretty broad category, but who do you look to for commentary on 'the impact of technology on society'?

🎄 Boosts appreciated!

"For all their disruption, the one thing Silicon Valley has not touched is the ownership and governance structure of a typical capitalist firm."

– The DisCO Elements

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I just deployed this change yesterday so it's live at

Next step is custom defined types, which is actually already needed coded.

What would be great is to have input from people/groups that might like to use it for stuff like community gardens, bike kitchens, mutual aid groups, food rescue..

Karrot provides democratic membership empowerment* + communication + task co-ordination features.

* to avoid saying "management"!


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Currently reading:

- How we built community wealth in Preston
- Platforming Equality: policy challenges for the digital economy
- The DisCO Elements

Lovely image of the coop principles, I like the old school chalkboard look.

Came across it in DisCO Elements, originally seems to be from here:

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I've set up a basic automatic photo sync from my phone to NextCloud.

Chuffed to get that working.

I struggled in the past with photo syncing via syncthing for that some reason I've forgotten now, and it made me have to stick with Google Photos.

Still a few things to tweak, but good to have ditched Photos.

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