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"#MarielleFranco’s death–a carefully targeted shooting by apparently professional killers–sent shockwaves across the world..
On Friday, Brazilian media reported that the bullets that killed her were part of a batch sold to federal police in Brasília in 2006.
EU parliament deputies condemned the killing, #Brazil’s prosecutor general, Raquel Dodge, called it an attack on #democracy. The great Brazilian music star #CaetanoVeloso wrote a song for her"

Voting closed, and the next book for the reading group will be Jackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy and Black Self-Determination in Jackson, Mississippi.

"Jackson Rising is a chronicle of one of the most dynamic, but under-documented experiments in radical social transformation taking place in the United States."

Looking forward to learning about Cooperation Jackson.

And with that, I'll pass the hosting baton on to @Matt_Noyes. Cheers!

@douginamug For web apps I like the model where everything is 100% freely licensed and self-hostable, but the project itself offers hosting. Wallabag does that with, though I don't know how well it sustains them.

That doesn't work for applications though. At we've also been thinking a little recently about if/how the coop model could be applied to FOSS projects. Some discussion here:

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Just want to thoughtfully interject in a geopolitics debate like "That's a compelling argument, John. But if I've learned anything from Star Trek: Deep Space 9, it's that..."

If you've not had chance to vote yet, the choice of book for the next reading group ends in about a day.

You can vote on your desired books here:

If you're not in the reading group yet, you can get joined up here:

Join in! It's fun!

If you like live coding and generatively created music / visuals, 3 days of it about to start streaming live here:

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ICYMI, the reading group is voting on its next book. If you're on and not in the reading group yet but would like to join, you can do so here:

You can vote here:

And you can find more background on the books here:

Don't miss out. Cooperative reading is fun!

@aral Sounds exciting. Do you know what the federation mechanism will be yet? Indieweb protocols? ActivityPub? reading group Show more reading group Show more

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Thank you everyone for joining the chat today!

Exchanging ideas is always a pleasure!

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Wrote an article on cooperative banking to a news website that is planning to turn into a cooperative.

Could have not done this without brilliant stuff from @mattcropp and
@stefanieschulte .


Cooperative banks are more likely to survive and less likely to contribute to financial crisis, lend more to SMEs and pay taxes more. Show more

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The Restart Podcast: Restart Radio: Elinor Ostrom and the commons

Podcast with Derek Wall, author of recent book about Ostrom

@Antanicus Let's build up some resources on this.