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Oh cool, Gartner, a $1995.00 USD paywall to a PDF?! -_-

Went to my first Dorkbot this evening!

Really liked Annie Tådne's sonification of physical objects ( and Deerful's indie synthpop livecoding (

'Dorkbot is a group of affiliated organizations worldwide that sponsor grassroots meetings of artists, engineers, designers, scientists, inventors, and anyone else working under the very broad umbrella of electronic art. The dorkbot motto is "people doing strange things with electricity".

Hi [*FNAME*]  

Not the best start to an email...

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#RightToRepair makes it easier for people to fix their broken devices, rather than having to throw them away and buy new ones. In Minnesota, H.F. 1138 would establish the right to repair as a matter of law. Minnesotans: Tell your lawmakers to support it!

Listening to again - the episode on funding free software development.

Only a little way through touching on rivalrous and non-rivalrous goods, marginal costs, commons, so-called tragedy, free rider problem - good discussion!

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I got some feedback on my elisp exercise, took a little while but it was really useful! Good advice to use `let` to scope the variable locally, and I learned the `or` macro as an alternative to an if conditional.

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I'm hosting a full-day training about decentralised organising in on Friday.

rebels in , pls check it out and ask me for a discount/freebie if you need cc:

The downside of 'scratch your own itch' is that it leaves a lot of itches unscratched.

Either you need:

a) a way of enabling more people to scratch their own itch
b) a way of encouraging people to recognise and scratch other people's itches

Or both.

Reading about Chile in 1970, the book makes a few references to the comparative lack of computing technology in Chile at the time (50 computers) compared to other nations.

What's a modern-day analagous technology that access to is regarded as giving a country some kind of advantage over others? (Not including overtly militaristic stuff like missiles etc.)

@mike_hales Interested to hear how you get on Mike - what's your channel on Hubzilla Start? / are really impressive pieces of software that I haven't had the reason to use personally yet. I prefer them to Mastodon but community is here for now. If I wasn't running my own website in an Indieweb way I would probably use Zap.

Ooo, Magit Forge is niiice.

Let's me work with issues in a Github/Gitlab repo straight from Magit in Emacs.


@mike_hales @strypey

It's this, no?

Although disroot is closed to new signups at the moment it looks like. seems like a nice approach to learning to code in new languages where you solve problems and get advice from a mentor on your solution.

Trouble is that for elisp the mentors seem to be AWOL...

@LeoSammallahti These facts are great. But any chance you can include the text from the image either in the image caption or in a reply? It will make them more accessible.

@douginamug Ha, nice! I'm reading Eden Medina's book over the Easter break:

Thanks for the podcast link - that'll be a great complement to the book.

'For this reason, commons are not merely social spaces in which work and life might unfold in richer, more autonomous and sustainable ways beyond the scope of capital; the commons are also sites in which critique and resistance have the potential to develop'.

(Gotta chuckle though that the paper looks to be written in Microsoft Word...)

At first blush there feels like some overlap between the Viable System Model and Elinor Ostrom's Institutional Analysis and Development framework.

In that they both approach structures from a multi-level conceptual map, with units acting autonomously at each level but communicating between them. The polycentrism thing.

Would be interesting to compare and contrast them.

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