Did a djembe drumming class yesterday - holy moly it was fun.  We did five songs.  Such rhythm.  So drum.  I used to play a kit and this is a lot simpler, but it's way more fun when there's twenty of you doing it together.

@Finfell I use it to mean something that is exciting and exhilarating. I've no idea what the etymology is though - intriguing.

From 2011, but this is new to me, and bit of chiptunes fun on a Sunday morning. Show more

Really enjoyed Consider Phlebas (Iain M. Banks).  It was a rip-roaring read.  Very visual and cinematic, I can still conjure up a picture of a lot of the scenes in my head.  Enjoyed the brief intro it gives to the Culture, too - the post-scarcity socialist society that are featured in a lot more books in the Culture series.  Interested to see how that's explored further.  I've just started reading the next in the series, The Player of Games.

After this I think I'll try some Kim Stan

@jrss I check Sacha Chua's Emacs News each week - it collects together interesting tidbits on Emacs and org-mode for the week.


BBC had loads of coverage on the right to repair and the Ecodesign Directive today. We were busy!


HWC London tomorrow - first one of 2019!

Join us and spend a bit of time creating, updating or experimenting on your personal website - or maybe get started on one for the New Year!


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What is your favourite Documentary? What is about?

@gcupc Hey thanks for writing Brutaldon, I really like it.

Also with Brutaldon I like the fact you can't see how many favourites or boosts a toot has gotten.

I feel like, I don't really want to know how popular something is, I just want to read it.

I've been using it a couple of weeks and I'm liking the Brutaldon interface for Mastodon a lot.

The slower pace works much better for me.  I recommend trying it if you're like me and your attention and time is easily stolen by automatic updates and infinite scrolls.  I feel like my toot perusing is a lot more chilled out and intentional now.


I'm very happy to have discovered org-super-agenda, lets you group things in logical ways in your agenda.

Definitely recommend checking it out if you use org-mode.


* 1980
- 42% of the population live in council housing
- Right to buy scheme introduced

* 2017
- Less than 8% of the population live in council housing
- 40% of ex-council flats sold via Right to Buy are now rented out more expensively by private landlords


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I want to do a project in my city where people photograph a street and do a digital makeover regarding their dreams and visions (full artistic freedom). I hope to start a constructive discussion about citizen-based city planning.

I did not find any examples of what I imagine, so I made one ( #mastoart #solarpunk ). If you know of anything similar, please let me know. Some more examples would be helpful for initiating the project.

st george, 15th century gore Show more

There's a nice mini-exhibition on some social housing projects in the UK at the V&A Museum at the moment.

This fact is pretty amazing: "In the mid-1970s nearly half the population of England and Wales lived in council houses"

But as we know... "with the election of Margaret Thatcher in 1979 the housing sector underwent rapid privitisation. Local authority architects' departments were disbanded, public land was sold off, and millions of council homes were bought[...]"

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If we don't support our comrades, no one will.

#RiseUp4Rojava – Defending the revolution together!

Call for Global Days of Action on 27 and 28 January 2019

(there're so many ways to participate in that it will be in the scope of anyones capabilities)
#rojava #syria #turkey

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