A heron and a little egret going their separate ways in the estuary.

More train nonsense 

Fun times at Rugby being told to get off an already delayed and overcrowded (99% maskless) train, and to try and squeeze on another even more overcrowded train later ...

Epic train fails trying to get to London today after a bunch of problems near Milton Keynes shut down the west coast lines. Had to turn round and likely to get back to where I started from about 7 hours later.

But could be worse. Lots of tales of woe on Twitter. I feel for this lot...

Accidental AI in the Agora.

The page 'Boris Johnson is a liar' in the Agora resolves to the page 'Boris Johnson Is a Fucking Cunt' on Wikipedia

I am personally fine with this

This, so much this. On the collective dimension of authorship.

from policyreview.info/concepts/dig

(I don't usually screenshot text but this compelled me... I'll post the text in follow up toots)

Received these fantastic stickers and letter from @compost mag! Thanks!

I'd forgotten how lovely it is to get a hand-written letter in the post from time to time. πŸ’š

Discovered that these "Wellbeing" settings exist in Tusky, bravo

(apropos having my first ever popular toot :D )

They are:

Limit timeline notifications
Hide quantitative stats on posts
Hide quantitative stats on profiles

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