Discovered that these "Wellbeing" settings exist in Tusky, bravo

(apropos having my first ever popular toot :D )

They are:

Limit timeline notifications
Hide quantitative stats on posts
Hide quantitative stats on profiles

Seeing the stuff around Angela Raynor in the news (some hoo ha about her using the phrase 'Tory Scum'), I am reminded of the Tory Scum Top Trumps I gave my brother a few years back as a present :D

A view of the Lake District from Ulverston, the peaks have a bit of sugar on top at the moment.

Currently reading:

- How we built community wealth in Preston
- Platforming Equality: policy challenges for the digital economy
- The DisCO Elements

Lovely image of the coop principles, I like the old school chalkboard look.

Came across it in DisCO Elements, originally seems to be from here:

I set up calibre-web on . Via a synced NextCloud folder. To access my books from koreader.

In retrospect I'm not sure I actually need it to be honest, why not just copy them over the wire.

But it looks kind of nice.

node "knowledge is power" as knowledge
node "documentation is praxis" as documentation

knowledge --> documentation

innovation --> liberation
competition --> cooperation
consumer choice --> agency
growth --> sustainability

My reflowed PDF scan of Capital is Dead has its own pleasing glitches that I’m thoroughly enjoying

(I will be buying a proper copy, but the page on Verso books for it is currently an error page)

I went for a hike up to Clougha Pike in the Forest of Bowland last week. It was gorgeous up there. Quite pleasantly bleak moorland and stone.

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