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"The Earth was made a common treasury for all!"

I grew up in Wigan, and sadly this part of its history was lost on me at the time.

Overworked? Tired?

Tough shit, that's just the way the world is mate. Buy some Advanced Fizz and get on with it.

Karl Blossfeldt, Urformen der Kunst, 1929.

I saw these in the Tate Modern today and found them really stunning. Such complexity and beauty in things, when you stop and look.

The First Things First manifesto from 1964. Graphic designers advocating for a use of their trade that has more benefit to the social good.

"In common with an increasing number of the general public, we have reached a saturation point at which the high pitched scream of consumer selling is no more than sheer noise."

Just to repeat, that's *over 50 years ago*. It sure as hell hasn't gotten any better.

"Last year the five largest co-ops paid over 50% more tax to the government than some of the largest and most high profile businesses operating in the UK."
(from 2016)


* Statue of Engels CHECK
* Farmbot growing cabbage CHECK
* Exhibition of trade union banners CHECK
* Some history of co-operatives CHECK
* Reading some Bookchin in the Central Library CHECK

Day out in Manchester, innit.

Do without Facebook :)

From @risabee's great collection:

I’ve been doing without Facebook for a while now. I honestly don’t miss it in the slightest.

Popped into the local electronics shop for a battery, caught a successful fix in action. Old radio with a very simple fix, and a very happy punter. If I heard right, he said the radio was 20 years old. Good vibes!

Liking how my sticker game is currently making my laptop look like a cute robot.

Great Homebrew Website Club London ( this eve, with a great turnout and lots of interesting discussion.