Who remembers bookmooch? (

You basically just swapped second-hand books with people by post. I used it loads like 10/15 years ago. Got some great books off there back in the day, from all around the world.

It even had it's own alternative currency, in a way. You got points for book you gave away, to then request books you wanted.

Looks like it's still going.

Does do a similar thing?

If anyone wants 3.9 points (= 3 books you can mooch), send me a message, you can donate your points to anyone.

Interesting, sounds like the site I was wanting to build myself.
Didn't know this exists

@peter It's totally old school (login is via basic auth!). But cool that it is still running.

Thinking about it, it's kind of like a distributed lending library. The points system and some other basic norms keeps it all ticking over from a governance perspective. No need for a central authority running it.

I'd love the same thing, but refreshed so you don't need the central silo site, i.e. make the interface federated.

I like the concept, I just doubt that it is very economic to participate from China for English language books :/

@peter They had a thing where you get more points when you ship overseas. So you spent more on postage, but could potentially get more books as a result. But yeah, don't know how economical that would be in the long run.

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