There's a ton of ride sharing groups for activists on Facebook.

We got any in the fediverse?

(Say I wanted to hitch a ride from the UK to Calais, I'd post in the group or find someone who already posted that they're going that way.)

I guess the lack of groups will make this hard. Maybe someone should invent groups.
A MVP group function would just be a bot that auto-refollows and boosts everything that contains a specific hashtag.

Maybe something I will tackle when I got my ass of the couch and got a domain name for my virtual server.

@peter Things like GNU Social and Hubzilla have group functionality. But I guess the network effect isn't there yet.

But there must be plenty activists organising not on Facebook. What's the medium for ride-sharing they use already?

@paulfree14 Any knowledge on this? (non FB ride-sharing) Thanks!

I used to use specific sites like when travelling, ages ago.
Maybe they still exist :)

I'm not knowing of any plattform that is particular designed for that and being opensource
There are tons of ridesharing plattforms.
Some non-profit as I remember, and a lot for profit.
By design, even so I dislike the company I liked #flinc the most
(you can just start a trip and get picked up on the way through sharing your position with drivers that are close by)
for specific events just pads are often used
I've been told some had also used the chat

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also invited Arne to join us here.
Let's see how that goes.

@paulfree14 Great, thanks for this info. I'm thinking that maybe Hubzilla groups could work for this, in the same way people are using FB groups. But perhaps it makes more sense to have a dedicated platform (but hopefully that federates in some way.) Not sure.

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