Managed to move my calendar relatively painlessly to nextcloud from google.

@douginamug Not currently, I'm paying for the hosted offering from GreenNet ( It's pricey but I like them as a company so happy to send some cash their way and save the time and effort of worrying about maintenance and backups for now..

I will probably self-host eventually. I did set it up briefly on my server, it was easy via Docker until I tried to set up the Collabora Online integration, I gave up at that point. But for calendar and contacts you don't need that.

@neil Cool. We just set up up Nextcloud using Ansible, our handbook is here: (I didn't set it up personally, please no technical questions!)

No one is super motivated to do maintenance, and we still haven't set up backups 😅

We're sticking with plaintext for now, and using the desktop sync. This makes is easy enough to do spreadsheets when needed.

@douginamug Nice! Kanthaus looks cool. Love that you have the handbook in git.

In case it's any use, webarchitects have their nextcloud ansible playbook online here:

@neil Thanks! Glad you like the results so far, everything is in progress. Come by at some point :)

@douginamug I'm recording my notes on using it here:

It's a bit sparse at the moment but I'll add bits and pieces to it over time...

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