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neil @neil

Fascinating sprawling discussion on counter anti-disintermediation, decentralized social media, decentralized infrastructure, politics of coops, mesh networking.

Two thoughts spring to mind:

- Mastodon isn’t great for reading a threaded discussion
- Seems a shame all this great discourse is destined to just eventually slide off a timeline, what's to be done about that?

@neil A curated, searchable list of memorable threads started by members? It seems like there should be enough information in the posts to reformat the conversation into a tree like threaded view, if that was desirable. Of course, I don't know of an easy way to do that. It would be interesting if it could be an extension to Mastodon.

@cstanhope Exactly, something like that. Some means of surfacing and archiving good threads and turning them into "institutional memory". I guess a simple start could just be a page on the wiki linking to them.

@neil @cstanhope the thread can be extracted from the API: so it shouldn't be too hard to create a threaded UI around that

@neil On Twitter there is a proprietary bot called thread reader, perhaps we could come up w/ something similar for Mastodon, but with open code and public data dumps for long term archival?


I was thinking the same thing just now. I think taking design cues from Twitter may have been the wrong way to go. There are surely other/better ways to follow threads.