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neil @neil

I’m quite tempted by (turning your indieweb site into a first class citizen of the fediverse, basically become your own instance), but I really like being part of the instance. I only really actively look at the local timeline (and passively I see a bunch of interesting stuff from elsewhere that gets boosted). Would be a shame to lose that.

@ajroach42 How would that work - have two accounts you mean, one on my own site and one on the shared instance? Wouldn't it get messy?


I dunno, lots of folks have multiple regular accounts. I feel like the distinction between how they work and how they would be used is significant enough that it'd be worth exploring, at least.

@ajroach42 Yep absolutely worth exploring, I'd like to find the happy middle ground. I have a foot in both camps and so far it's a definite positive that I've found with Mastodon, that (assuming you find the right instance for you I guess), you get immediately connected to an on-topic timeline. That fills a gap I was missing with indieweb (though not to say it doesn't exist - I'm very early on my journey with it.)

@ajroach42 I think the best way for me to achieve it would be the standard POSSE/backfeed approach of indieweb, between my site my favourite instance. It's slightly different to the approach that takes, which is a shame because bridgy is amazingly helpful service for getting your backfeed.