Don’t know much about it – given that the welfare state is probably kind of incongruous to anarchism, what alternatives for mutual aid does it provide?

@neil cooperatives currently represent our best shot at attempting a decentralized, mutual-aid society. In fact, if a relevant share of the population became involved in coops, we might even try planned economy (the bottom-up kind, not the top-down, soviet one)

@neil not quite sure what you're getting at. Also, do you mean in theory/ideally, or in actual real-life situations?

When you say mutual aid I take it you mean people helping each other without anyone coordinating/ordering them?

@hardcorenarrativist Theoretically would be a good start, and if there's any real-world examples then even better.

I guess I mean by what means would anarchism provide for the sick, the elderly, those disadvantaged in some way. In a comprehensive way, i.e. no one is left behind.

@neil ah, sorry, I thought you meant the other way around! I thought you were asking alternatives for mutual aid in the context of a welfare state...

No idea then. But as it turns out, I'm really curious about the answer, too :-)

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