The patterns of commoning in Free, Fair and Alive are lovely.

Some favourites:

– Ritualize Togetherness
– Contribute Freely
– Share Knowledge Generously
– Use Convivial Tools
– Rely on Distributed Structures
– Creatively Adapt and Renew

There’s plenty more.

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Thanks, yes. Silke had material in German that I was (am) unable to directly use. And some of her wiki pages seem now to not work properly, or be missing - don't understand this.

However - I now have a connection witb the Commons Insitiute (based in Germany and German language initiatives) that I didn't previously have.

Death moves in mysterious ways to promote continuing life? Thank you Silke
@yala @neil

@mike_hales For the missing contents, I can tell that many in the Make Commoning Work (working title of the 2nd book "Patterns of Commoning" were proto-patterns and not recorded up until the end. Why the PL had been reconstructed from those for book 3.

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@yala Thank you so much for those links - I saw "We talk from experience: we used Federated Wiki in the course of researching and writing this book." in FFA and it's great to know which fedwiki's this is referring to.

@neil Nice!

How did you like the section in FFA, where our "simplified" understanding of a federated wiki was explained, was that on the point?

This wiki collaboration was basically between Silke and me, Silke and David plus Silke and Ward. See, I'd like to refreshen these links and also recontact @Stacco and others from the translation project(s) to also consider the wikis and the card deck as translateable assets.


/NEED #cocuration

@yala Yes I really enjoyed that section. I was very surprised and happy to encounter it!

Because I have an existing interest in wikis and software it was a good window to explore some of the general concepts like nested-i and Ubuntu rationality for me personally.

The contrast to Wikipedia dynamics helped me to understand and appreciate the FedWiki ideas of individual agency combining in to a greater commons.

@neil @yala
Just clocking my interest in this conversation :) Interested in the mention above, of @Stacco (tacitly, DisCO) and wiki. Would be interesting to be working in that intersection.

@yala Would you say that the names used on are more up to date than the book?

e.g. [[Finance Commons Provisioning]] in FFA is updated to [[Choose Commons-Friendly Financing]] in the wiki - which I do prefer.

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