Hey, it's Aaron Swartz Day today.

Looks like some good talks and hackathons going on.


Bad Apple - holding law enforcement accountable and putting an end to police misconduct

Open Library - an open, editable library catalog, building towards a web page for every book ever published

Internet Archive seem to be talking about decentralisation of IA

Cory Doctorow talking about various things including the right to repair

SecureDrop - whistleblower submission system to securely accept documents from anonymous sources

@neil If ever I am hired somewhere I'm going to insist upon the job title "Decentralization Engineer".

@bob I feel like you should add that to your email signature, hired or no.

@bob Side note in case good to know - I didn't receive a notification of your reply in my Notifications, I just happened to see it in my timeline.

@neil @bob Other people have mentioned it. I think it's a Mastodon bug.

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