I’m on holiday having some downtime so naturally I enrolled in the Introduction to Complexity MOOC from the Santa Fe Institute.

It’s fantastic so far. for the Unit 1 assignment you code up a little ant foraging simulation in NetLogo.

@neil interesting.
I read a book about “the left” should catch up to complexity about half a year or so.
It was good for me to see stuff I kinda know from a maths/physics background described in a meaningful way. Now you’re mentioning this, Santa Fe was described quite centrally.. might take a look :)

@neil it’s from a German leftist introductional series. it has its own website on , publisher is the “Schmetterling Verlag”.
The title is “Komplexität - Chaostheorie und die Linke “ by Gernot Ernst.
I don’t think it has been translated yet :D

These are the recommendations at the end of the book.
It’s pretty far reaching - it tries to cover changes maths and science in the last 200 years that go unacknowledged by leftist theory bc the standards Marx relied on was decades older then his writings. And it’s really just a book trying to show some potential and invoke some interest. So you have Games in there, f.e.^^ but on the second site at the top you’ll find net logo as recommended Programm for Agent based modeling

@neil at the end, Santa Fe is mentioned as educational institution but maybe also the other instance will be interesting for you :)

@lollonero Oh nice, thank you. I read the description (via auto-translate) and it looks fascinating.

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