Solar Protocol

A fun (art?) project that is building a network of solar-powered servers that work together to host a web site. Wherever currently has the most sun takes over the hosting.

Dunno how much of these things translate from art/fun to practical use, but good for raising questions and awareness about how we power our sites.

Would be interesting to combine Solar Protocol with distributed content on something like Hyperdrive or IPFS.

@neil designing for intermittency is I think something gaining in importance (again). It's relatively recent (and localised) that intermittency of energy was absent. If you do it networked, then hand-offs / alternating hosts is a good way to work with intermittency

@ton 'Designing for intermittency', I like that as a phrase.

I like the idea of actively embracing intermittency too. Moving away from the notion that everything must be available, always.

@neil years ago when I did a training for Iraqi water managers put intermittency on my radar. Historically it was designed for (e.g. medieval millers allowed to skip church if it was windy during mass), and we can do so again (washing / car charging automatically choosing the right moments e.g.)

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