I'm live tweeting from Flancia, how are you today?

For the people reading this in the [[fediverse]]: is my use of "tweet" annoying?

'live tooting' doesn't work for me currently, I think, although it sounds funny and that's a positive.

'live posting' sounds optimal but unsure if it's within the Overton window (?)

@flancian If I see 'tweet' in a toot it suggests it has been crossposted from Twitter, and likely that any response I make isn't going to be interacted with. So in general I'm less likely to interact.

'Live posting' or 'live noting' are more cross platform... Although sound a bit less intriguing.

@neil huh, you're right! I have no idea why I didn't think of it. Thank you very much!

@neil I've been meaning to transclude flancia.org in anagora.org and the other way around for a while now :) perhaps I'll get to it soon

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