Thinking today about Digital Gardening, thanks to @neil and this intro to it:, trying to answer the question of how we reservoir the good bits of the stream.

As I’ve accelerated some research in two areas recently ( and ) it’s been front of my mind. Do I want a wiki or better use of tags in my CMS? Have been using Pocket to capture but it feels half the solution; I can only export a text file of links. And how to collaborate on that research?


@nicol might be handy.

Everyone's different but my own advice here (having fizzled out a bit before trying to find a wiki tool I liked) would be just use whatever has the lowest friction for you to quickly capture your thoughts and link them together, in mostly plain text/markdown. Foam and Obsidian are popular for that.

Also worth a dig into zettelkasten / How To Take Smart Notes for more on the process, less about particular tools.

@neil thanks for all the pointers. so far I've
- really enjoyed Obsidian.
- got Gatsby running (after years of not trying a SSG as I didn't know how to choose between them, Andy's theme got me trying G).
- tried to get Andy's theme running & broke it. Tried to understand how Gatsby is 'static' when I can't find html versions of my markdown files. Tried to understand why Gatsby HTML is all on one line. Think of that Leo DiCaprio Great Gatsby gif.
- Started working thru

@nicol My pleasure. If you are liking Obsidian, @ton has lots of great thoughts on its usage. (e.g. for notes and research)

@neil it's a really nice UI for local working, but I want a public garden ultimately, and I'm not sure about Obsidian Publish, so I may end up with another tool. Publishing the markdown files to other systems seems to lose the backlinks mostly. Tiddly+Stroll is appealing at the moment, tho I've not yet tried to install.

@nicol @neil For a client I'm currently trying to publish part of my markdown notes through github as a wiki on using ReSpec ( as it can directly work with markdown files as source. For my own digital garden in Obsidian I'm not contemplating publishing anything (other than as collated output on pages is my site)

@ton @neil that's interesting, thanks. I'm guessing technical specs/docs need internal [[double-square]] linking in the same way (which sounds like the main thing lost if publishing Obsidian MD directly

@nicol @neil tiddlywiki is working on refining its publishing system afaik :)
I don’t think you can do anything wrong by starting to mess with emacs since it has so many useful applications. Org and tiddlywiki share many similarities in what you can do but while TW might certainly be more intuitive with a friendlier interface at first emacs is to me a more suitable „base“. If there’s one notetaking facility that I trust in being maintained, FOSS, while developing

@nicol @neil through a determined userbase, it’s emacs. Many of the connections to its outside simply work better, and I’d say largely bc of this userbase. I can use Caldav to sync calendar and tasks, there are refined tools for webclippin, syncing and integrating with Zotero, etc which are things I want to have down the line so I rather learn some emacs^^

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