Finished reading through the DisCO Elements. It is gorgeous and fun and uplifting, with a high-level manifesto and outlook that I am totally onboard with. And that seems backed up by lots of practical knowledge and research based on daily life in Actually Existing Organisations.

I don't have any experience of working in a cooperative so can't speak to how different / novel / practical it is there. But I love the focus on recognising and actively valuing care work and work that gives back to the commons.


You don't get a huge amount of the nitty gritty in this document. You need to delve in to the Guerrilla Media Collective wiki (wiki.guerrillamediacollective.) and DisCO Mothership ([ for that I think.

"The development of commons-public partnerships as an alternative to the established public-private, following the Preston and Evergreen models, with DisCOs facilitating:

a. Municipal service provision for local economies.

b. FLOSS-built and open licensed, common-pool civic knowledge

c. Practical workplace education on feminist economics, the commons,
decentralized technology and the ethical market sectors offered by participating DisCOs."

^ I'd like to get involved in civic tech via cooperatives in Preston, so this is music to my ears.

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