Cloudron or Yunohost?

(boosts welcome)

@neil I never used either yet but my heart is firmly with yunohost.

Intending to try it some time.

Cloudron smells like enclosure to me. But I hear works very nicely.

@nicksellen Similar gut feeling.

Yunohost has more apps and a stronger ethos. It would be a no-brainer for me, but for a couple of things:

- I don't think installed apps run in any kind of isolation on Yunohost, whereas Cloudron is all containers
- Cloudron apps seem well maintained, whereas Yunohost looks more hit and miss, dependent on volunteer contributions

So it kind of swings on if I have time to properly maintain it, which was partially what I was hoping to avoid having to do.

@nicksellen But now just reading more about Yunohost's aims - and - I feel like I can't *not* support them. If if needs a bit more time going in, so be it... gotta live your principles if you can. So that's kind of made my mind up. I'll definitely start with Yunohost for personal stuff and switch only if I hit some major bumps.

If this was for work purposes, I would probably have to choose Cloudron right now, for the sake of robustness.

@neil @nicksellen Indiehosters have a nice new offering too called Liiibre which looks good, but everything is so in French atm.

@neil @nicksellen but perhaps closer to the Yunohost and Cloudron offerings but aimed primarily at on premises offline first stuff is HomeLabsOS lots of apps available. For me the best of all worlds would be for @cloudron to become fully again at per this thread I started a while back

It doesn't feel like enclosure to me, but I get where Nick is coming from (he's previous comments are in part what led to the linked thread above)

@neil @nicksellen @cloudron but yeah, I'm going to try Yunohost one day too, but because Cloudron have a business model all their apps are updated very frequently, generally within 24 hours of new upstream releases coming out (and yeah, the way everything is sandboxed etc is really great). The only thing I tried before was Sandstorm which is awesome in lots of ways but not enough apps and nearly all massively out of date :-/

@neil @nicksellen @cloudron a few more details about how Cloudron works in the video and my notes linked to in this thread

@jdaviescoates @nicksellen @cloudron Ah thanks for that link and your contributions in the thread, that's a really excellent discussion!

Fascinating case study of licensing and business models in the FOSS world. Some great nuanced points. Including @ntnsndr on exit to community and the inability of F/OSS licensing to prevent corporate exploitation.

(side note - Cloudron forum software appears not to work properly in my Firefox - half the posts are missing.)

@neil @nicksellen @cloudron @ntnsndr yeah I've had to stop using the Cloudron Forum with Firefox after a recent Firefox update basically broke it 😐 now I've got it installed as a Chromium app instead (same with actually - on Firefox I find I can't get down to the Toot button when replying to long Toots)

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