Very handy list of VPS providers using green energy here from @jdaviescoates . I found 1984 ( through it, who look really good.

@neil @jdaviescoates I've been with 1984 for years, they were reliable and good. Never got VPS, I was only on shared hosting.

@cathal @neil yeah I've used their shared hosting for years too. They are great, but sometimes forgot to renew certs etc, although fix quickly when you email support.

@jdaviescoates Awesome. Thanks so much for that list, it's so useful.

I've gone with Hetzner for my current purpose (trying out Cloudron).

I already have a GreenHost VPS, but Cloudron failed on GreenHost and 1984 because of the ext4 requirement - I hacked it to avoid the error, but felt a bit of an unstable start...

The ethics of GH and 1984 are a bit more front and centre, but Hetzner is at least renewable energy and has a much slicker interface for managing the boxes. And great price.

@neil yeah I use Hetzner for the same reasons. Their pricing and UI are great and fully renewable. Indeed In in the process of setting up which will eventually automate installing Cloudron on Hetzner with domains at gandi

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