Well this is pretty rad: "Because all the day’s computers, including Galaksija, ran their programs on cassette, Regasek thought Modli might broadcast programs over the airwaves as audio during his show. The idea was that listeners could tape the programs off their receivers as they were broadcast, then load them into their personal machines."

@neil sending code as audio via radio broadcasts also crossed over to West Germany and the Netherlands in that era...

@neil oh yes, I did that! The Dutch public broadcaster had a 1980's radio show Hobbyscope about tech hobbies, and it broadcast BASIC code that I taped. Before the code was being sent the announcer would say in a low voice "we are now switching to mono" which was when I would hit record on my cassette recorder. My parents never understood what the heck (hack?) I was doing there :D

@neil Yeah, this is pretty much the coolest tech thing I've ever heard.

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