summary of strategy summits 

Is this super confusing? I just threw our notes from the strategy summits into a visual mind map... but it's not as helpful as i thought it would be...

part of it is the software and not being able to make it look pretty... if that's the only issue i can give it another go with other software but... maybe it's just not meant to be visually laid out like this? Maybe it'd be better as a prezi?

summary of strategy summits 

@emi I think it works well as a summary of the discussion. Nice to have it all in one image.


summary of strategy summits 

@Matt_Noyes @emi I can only offer the perspective of someone who has not been in any of the discussions... but I find the image engaging and seems a very handy summary of what's going down. :) Much easier to get an overview from this than a bullet point list.

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