I don't know if I've recommended Roam Research here before, it's a mental organizing tool for research that works well for my brain. They just took $9M in funding so I fully expect them to either not be around in 5 years or to make some compromises that make them fully unacceptable for me to use in 5 years. I am old enough to know that there is no middle ground. So I now retract any recommendations I had previously made.

This page includes many self hosted alternatives: github.com/brettkromkamp/aweso

Update: I've tried out a bunch of solutions and unfortunately Roam is the only one that offers real block-level transclusion that isn't a messy hack. I've decided to continue paying for Roam but also pay for Obsidian in the hopes that they (or some other non-hosted or self-hosted solution) manage to figure it out.

For a short example of block-level transclusion in action see here youtu.be/O413tVCseio

@darius so it is about being able to reference blocks in a note and have a block that contains a link show up in its entirety in a backlinks overview? The latter is about the amount of context shown in a backlinks overview then. The former is more difficult I suppose

@darius I am also wondering: does the need/wish for block referencing imply that you're actually not using atomic notes? (because full note transclusion is equivalent to block transclusion if atomicity is really the case)?

@ton that's a pretty good explanation of one great use of block references. And yeah, I generally like an entire file/page to be a line of reasoning, with each step of the reasoning (block) being an atomic note.

@neil @ton oooh I will check that out! I pay for the insider builds so I should have that

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