yo fediverse, who's got a pirate radio station streaming online? i'm making a playlist for use in VLC.

so far:
vantaradio wolfgirl.engineering:8000/vant (@vantablack)
aNONradio anonradio.net:8000/anonradio (@snowdusk_@mastodon.sdf.org)

pls boost!


@neil @klendool with a computer!

I have a bash script which picks a file at random from my music directory, puts the path in a sqlite database, and returns the path.
I use liquidsoap to call the script to get the path, then play it through an icecast mount.
I use Apache to reverse proxy to icecast, so I can get at the stream over port 80.

For the playlist, I use a bash script to get the playlist data and send it in json with some angular to a web browser, the web browser makes the table.

@neil @klendool I do have all this stuff in git but it's private because I didn't think anyone would be interested at the start but actually it's grown considerably in functionality since then - maybe I should organise and open it as an example :)

@klendool That'd be grand :) I might set a station up..

@neil sweet as I'll do it laters when I have time:)

@neil the reason i set mine up is because I had heaps of music I just didn't listen to anymore. I tried just a normal random but I would just skip songs if I didn't 100% feel like them. This way, I have no choice but to listen because I can't skip and I've been enjoying some older music again!

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