One thing I wonder, though, is why the IndieWeb community and fediverse seem so disconnected? I see lots of talks and blog posts from prominent people in the web dev community about the IndieWeb, but very little about the fediverse/Mastodon/etc.

To me, the two approaches are complementary. I like owning my own content for long-form stuff (on my blog), but for shorter thoughts that I want to jot down, I find Mastodon to be much simpler and lower friction.

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@nolan I blogged a little about the overlap a while back -

I agree they're complementary and I do both. I actually feel like they're converging on the same featureset, just coming from slightly different angles.

They were almost the same thing, too:

@neil @nolan Ah I _still_ have to read up on that Neil! Thanks again for the reminder 🙂

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