Just so you know, there's an Alliance of Radical Booksellers in the UK:

In order to qualify as an ARB member, the bookseller must:

- be informed by socialist, anarchist, environmental, feminist or anti-racist concerns
- stock or sell books which inspire, support or report on political and/or personal change in the global, national or local sphere

@neil a pity they are all in big cities miles away from where I currently live - although good to see RISC in Reading still going, they have roots in the anarchist Acorn Bookshop, which my high school English teacher encouraged me to visit!

@neil Thank you so much for this! I'm going to London later this year and I'll be using the info.

@bartleby Nice, definitely check out Housmans:

A coupla places not on the ARB list but worth popping in to for second hand books and some good finds, both close together: Judd Books and Skoob Books.

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