Listened to a thing about the fourth industrial revolution, so called.  Driven by things like machine learning, AI, nano materials, biotech, additive manufacturing, sensors and IoT, autonomous vehicles.

I dunno.  I fail to be excited by any of it any more, unless it comes with an explicit intent to improve social wellbeing, not just vague promises of productivity and efficiency, shit going faster for the sake of it.

@neil if you *do* want the combo of social wellbeing and economic justice with the fourth industrial revolution, nowhere better to look than

There's much more about the 4th industrial revolution stuff in the book Jackson Rising - - than on the Cooperation Jackson website, but some of it gets into this review:

@mlncn Yes! Very true. Jackson Rising was very inspiring about how 3IR/4IR stuff could be used for liberatory means.

Part of me is just feeling weary of these 'revolutions' of industry when I feel like we're already easily industrious enough, perhaps too industrious.

I guess I would prefer that we actively define the agenda of what technology is necessary, rather than repurposing what the capitalist class has told us is the next big thing.

Maybe I just don't like the term 'industrial ' :)

@neil crazy you mention it. I just saw that my university regents and president just had a meeting about how to plan around that particular fantasy.

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