Really enjoying listening to backlog of episodes of @librelounge.

e.g. a discussion on human rights and how they relate to free software / free culture.

For me the intersection of ethics, politics and libre stuff is very important. Looking back I think I got into it for the fun of it but the philosophy always attracted me. I want to know if and how we can mobilise it as part of a transition to an egalitarian future, and what I can do to be a part of that.

@neil Thanks! You clearly get the show!

We're going to take on some of these more ethical/philosophical topics in upcoming shows.

@neil @librelounge this sounds interesting. And you know, I'm always thinking free software would work with free hardware. Now I know this is not just as simple and it's a whole other world...

But why can't we have a hardware "thrift store" or a a library, where you can borrow a computer for a given time and/or by one on the cheap? (eBay is too hard for people who don't know what they need, plus, no support).

@jrss @librelounge We have a fairly successful store in the UK called Cex (computer exchange) where you can buy second hand electronics (computers, phones, etc). It's pretty good and they give warranties, but 2nd hand can still be too expensive for some. I think computer access in libraries is also important. Both usually are non-free encumbered though. Fixing and repurposing old hardware with Linux and giving it away is a good idea.

@neil @librelounge I've decided my organizing goal on Mastodon is to research/explore the intersections between various broadly anarchist ideals and computing technology, and so many episodes of the Libre Lounge podcast have been *uncannily* relevant to the questions I've been thinking about on a given day, from software licenses to hacker culture to free software funding to *object capabilities*, not even kidding. Keep up the great work!

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