Good article. Feel like it straw man's Srnicek and Williams in a couple of places but offers good critiques in others. I find the terms of the debate, accelerationism and degrowth, overly polarising. Also feel it's wrong to see technology and 'growth' as synonymous. But overall the article is positive and looks at how to take good ideas from both. And there are definitely common aims to be built upon. I

@neil I read something else by uneven earth earlier... perhaps you linked it. Like their style.

@douginamug @neil I enjoyed reading that. I clicked onto afterwards. I feel quite compelled by municipalism and solidarity economics lately.

@nicksellen @neil Municipalism is a term I feel I want to get better acquainted with.

Also, since the last article mentioned property affordability: have either of you thought about vacancy tax?

There are talks of anti-speculation actions around me. But what does 'anti-speculation' demand? I'm pretty certain now that banning private property is bad. Vacancy tax seems to be very attractive to me. Interested to know if you have concerns.

@douginamug @neil Bookchin appears near too if Google for municipalism. I've been reading a bit. It's a collection of writings. I got the gist after the first couple of pieces :)

@douginamug @nicksellen I haven't heard the term before Doug but I'll have a read of the article, thanks for sharing. What is it that you like about vacancy tax?

@neil @nicksellen Vacancy tax should encourage people to rent or sell property instead of leaving it empty. This would reduce the number of empty properties and increase the competition in the property market, driving down rents/prices.

Further, would reduce the production of new houses.

Intentionally leaving property empty creates no wealth: it should be disincentivized.

@nicksellen @douginamug Same, I am very compelled by municipalism at the moment. For federation reasons but also because changing a city/town feels more manageable and replicable than trying to change the whole world in one go...

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