I don't really know how FB works as a corp, but somehow the celebrity-style focus on Zuckerberg feels like a misdirection. Not to absolve him in any way, but there's a board, shareholders, hierarchy of managers, not to mention a rotten socio-political system behind every crappy thing that Facebook does. Every article about FB is accompanied by a goofy Zuck photo, look what this dufus did now. But I feel like, no, look what our society did.

@neil Yep. FB would die quickly if people stopped using it. As long as they keep making excuses for sticking with it, the thing stays around.

@neil @lifning At this point he's just a skin suit for a monster we can't really imagine. Still accountable though, as you say.

@neil IIRC Zuck still owns the majority of votes, so the board does what he wants, or they get replaced.

@neil This is how you know he's a good CEO - he can be portrayed as a hero/scapegoat in order to absolve the rest of the company of responsibility.

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