I haven't read the whole paper, but can't deny it has a catchy opening:

"The purpose of this conceptual paper is to provide readers with an opportunity to reassess their work and life in the face of an inevitable near term social collapse due to climate change."

@neil "premised on the view that social
collapse is now inevitable"

Whoa is this the first honest paper on the topic? D:

@neil It's totally worth the full read. My favourite section is the bit on despair and it's function in social life.

Unfortunately it ends a bit abruptly and feels a little incomplete. Thankfully the author's blog follows up on it very well and is ongoing.

@neil the section on different kinds of denial and how they drive different reactions to climate change clarified a lot for me

But .. He admits to cherry-picking data outside current scientific consenses, justified by research that climate scientists are "erring on the side of least drama", which maybe they are, but it doesn't mean the particular data he's picked to support his conclusion is good data.

@neil there's ridiculous pseudoscience facebook cults based on this premise 😬

@neil well one example is a group led by Guy McPherson who misunderstands climate studies (the authors of which criticize him) and then uses it to scare/depress his followers into visiting his "compound" in Belize. He's been accused of online sexual harassment and is overall pretty creepy.

@squirrelturtle Yikes. Hadn't thought about it being used that way. Even assuming the authors of this one aren't misunderstanding the climate studies, I'm hoping the suggestions would be more 'let's think about how to build resilient communities', less 'hey check out my bunker'.

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