"we decided to build a low-tech, self-hosted, and solar-powered version of Low-tech Magazine"

I respect a website that's prepared to go offline when it gets too cloudy.

@neil Your comment reminds me of some ISPs in Europe that use RONJA[1] (or some kind of free-space optical transmission) as their main infrastructure.


Fog is the main thing that causes beam losses.

@International @neil 100% uptime isn't that unrealistic for a solar powered site with some redundant geographic dispersion if it's all static files with some DNS fanciness. DNS is bad for unpredictable fail over, but batteries running down can be detected with enough time to rebalance gracefully.

@neil I love this idea when mixed with ssb, too. Since it's already very sync oriented, it's reasonable if some nodes are off sometimes.

@neil So you think it's not cloud-based? Haha. Sorry, couldn't resist.

On the other hand, you can buy batteries (like to store your solar energy through the clouds and through the night.

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