Genuine question, what does a federated blogging platform offer that plain old blogs don't?

I never got into Medium so I don't know what it was that drew people to it.

@neil it seems to me as though blogs are already a federated blogging platform, but i guess it's possible that activitypub could add a layer of discoverability / subscription simplicity / distributed hosting?


@brennen I agree, and blogs are in essence fully distributed, which is better than federated IMO.

Discoverability = search engine?
Subscription = feed reader?
Distributed hosting = plenty providers out there to handle hosting?

With blogs there's less of a monoculture of platform too. (Although in general it seems like there's a move to have multiple front-ends to ActivityPub.)

Dunno. Must be missing something to it... Anyway, it's good to have multiple ways to decentralize.

@neil all of those things are true, as far as they go, but i do think there are reasons that the various silos are appealing along those axes.

search is usable if you know what you're looking for in a pretty specific way, but mostly owned by a monopoly provider and not as good for just seeing unexpected new stuff.

feedreaders are great but there's been a concerted effort to kill feeds for years now, so they're less known than should be.

self-hosting is extremely difficult for most people.

@neil don't get me wrong - i keep a self-hosted blog on software i maintain and use a feedreader to follow a bunch of others.

but i can see why people might want to apply some fediverse tech to the space. (even if there're a ton of unanswered questions there.)

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