Wow. Yeah, this about sums up what it's like living with sometimes.

(Which, BTW, isn't just an / symptom, but also appears in , serious , and )

"Executive dysfunction is a problem with the organ responsible for making decisions in the first place. When it stops working properly, stops being able to decide between doing this or doing that or doing nothing at all, you end up just going with what comes naturally. You fidget. You kill time. You wait, in expectation of a decision to wait no longer. It may be a long time coming."

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@muninn Oh man, I ... I can relate to this very much as of recently.

@muninn aghshdhgdsjhsgsvsbsbgdggg this is so accurate BIGGEST MOOD

@muninn Oh wow, this is a fascinating read. It is very similar to some of the ways my major depressive disorder seems to manifest too.

It’s always nice to see people’s accounts of the difficulties they face, because clinical information, while important, isn’t always helpful in understanding people’s experiences.

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