Found a cute education/advocacy youtuber. Whiiiiiile procrastinating. πŸ˜‘

Her vids are a little short for my taste but mental health, neuroscience, etc are a hyperfocus topic for me so that's fine. Anyway I'll post some good ones here in the future.

U guise. I have so many billion cool links to share about these topics actually. But life has had me under the gun forEVER so I'm sharing like 0.03% of them. Also, procrastinating. And not making my blog. Prioritizing on the fly, I can't even.

Here's a sample video. Yes, she does the cute YouTuber shtick to the hilt, but imo it works.

The Matrix: How to prioritize when you have

YouTube does have some bright spots. I prefer text heavily - that's just me - but there is some serious quality content coming from the grassroots nowadays especially.

Anyway, like I said, I'm burying lots of acorns to share with y'all. πŸ˜…

@muninn Ahh, Jessica, yeah, she's great :)

And thanks for posting that particular video because I just realized there is someone who really needs to watch it and I'm going to send it right now. :thaenkin:


@intherain Yes, I'm looking forward to watching more of her vids 😁

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