Time to toot my own horn a little bit - this is my habit tracker data for my practice, which is now about 1 year old. In this case, "100%" means I was mediating 3 out of every 5 days. That's my medium term goal and I am still working on it. But I'm actually impressed and pleased with my dedication over time! 😁😁😁

And for anyone who wants to engage in a new habit to this extent but despairs of actually doing it - this took a lot of conscious effort, and behavior modification. (Which I'm happy to share about.)

Good habits are not easy to build for many people. If it's especially hard for you, well, that's a pain, but it's not a reflection on your character. It may be that what you find motivating and what you find aversive is not immediately apparent. But it's possible to figure this stuff out.

@muninn What app is this? I currently use Google Calendar "reminders" for this type of thing, but I'm interesting in using something more flexible and detailed

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