Some people tend to get depressed because their brains are biologically tuned to be better at perceiving and focusing on negative information in the environment.

Living in a hostile environment is particularly bad for these people. Interestingly, there is some evidence that living in a supportive environment is particularly *good* for these people.

Many "risk" genes for mental illness may be more accurately described as genes which make people sensitive to the environment, for better or worse.

mh (+), HSP 

@muninn have you read any theory about Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)? It's helped both me and my partner a great deal in managing our mental health.

mh (+), HSP 

Very interesting. Do you have more info or sources that talk about this?

mh (+), HSP 

@hellion @muninn Incidentally, my girlfriend @nuhn just translated a blogpost of hers about it into english today; I haven't read it myself, but I trust her words are good.

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