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ROBIN - NOW @inthescales @multijanet

A friend just asked me about usable email servers outside the big players like Google etc. Anyone know any good ones?

@multijanet I've heard good things about fastmail and protonmail (a friend of mine uses protonmail and seems very pleased), but I have yet to use them myself.

I happen to use Gandi for my domain registrar, so I've used the email service they provide with a domain registration. It works for my simple needs.

@cstanhope @multijanet yeah ProtonMail is a pretty good solution for most people wanting simple but strong security

@cstanhope @multijanet Can confirm is great—I switched to it from cotse, and before that, google. Fastmail has a $50/yr plan where you can bring your own domain(s) and have unlimited email addresses (including a catchall address and subdomain aliases.) Supports 2FA including FIDO U2F. Decent webmail, and mail clients get individual generated passwords.

@multijanet zoho isn't bad and you can still map domains for free there.

@multijanet offer much niceness. Including email

@multijanet is a privacy endorsing and cheap (1 EUR / month) mail provider hosted in germany.

@multijanet I've been hosting my email through Protonmail since November and I've had nothing but good things to say about it. It's great

@multijanet Tutanota is cheap and good! When they will release new apps it will be perfect.

@multijanet a lot of my friends who write about tech stuff use Proton Mail