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Robin @multijanet

Just learned about the International Fixed Calendar - a proposed calendar reform fixing each month at 28 days, adding a new month Sol between June and July, and adding a monthless "year day" at the end of the year:

@multijanet this would make datetime prograiing library so much easier

@multijanet The crazy part of it is that the Kodak company used it for like 50 years!

@multijanet Seems like a very reasonable idea but I sure would miss those unreasonable parts of our calendar, like being a little bit amazed every year that my birthday is on another weekday.

@multijanet Also has 1-2 days per year that aren't part of any *week*. Makes me wonder if Kodak actually adopted it fully and made their employees have different weekends than everyone else, or if they let the day of the week all the months start on change every year, which would seem to mostly defeat the purpose.

@multijanet @megfault The whole concept of using months as a measure of time is just really irritating.
- Different number of days: bad for tracking time,
- same number of days: redundant if n weeks equal 1 month

Just use week numbers (2018-W01-04) or even better ordinal dates (2018-004) and be done with it, please.


This is my favorite calendrical idea and I spend a lot of time thinking about year day.

@Mainebot Yeah I feel like we all just grow up assuming that you can't have a day without a month but it's like something that has actually been done? Amazing

@multijanet Recently I've been enamored with the idea of breaking up the year into 5-day weeks, then bundling those into 3-week mini-months. There would be 24 of them, with one spare week at the end for year end celebration purposes.

@multijanet YESSS! Me and my kids just had a ridiculous conversation the other day of all the wacky ways we can reorganize months. eg: 10 day long months with a crazy long leap year. This is much more sensible. :P