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Dreamed that I gained access to Justin Bieber's personal supply of poisons

I think Mastodon folks will appreciate this especially: Uncle Buddy's Phantom Funhouse, a groundbreaking 1993 HyperCard novel, is now fully playable in your browser on the Internet Archive. archive.org/details/unclebuddy social.tinysubversions.com/med

Maŭbe I can just toot ĝith mŭ esperanto keŭboard on all the time. Probablŭ no one ĝill notice...

Maybe some social.coop folks got thoughts about this?

Hey, so my husband got his lay-off notice today. He was the brewer at Mendocino Brewing Company.

Do any of you socialists know how to put together a worker's coop? Because it is absolutely ridiculous that the brewery is standing on one side of a locked door, and everyone who knows how to brew and bottle beer is on the other.

The First Things First manifesto from 1964. Graphic designers advocating for a use of their trade that has more benefit to the social good.

"In common with an increasing number of the general public, we have reached a saturation point at which the high pitched scream of consumer selling is no more than sheer noise."

Just to repeat, that's *over 50 years ago*. It sure as hell hasn't gotten any better.


Postcard advertising the 5th international conference of Esperanto, held in Barcelona, 1909.

I love old Esperanto memorabilia like this! social.coop/media/9TG6HWJz3ZEf

Just imagine how comfortable that toad must be

I wonder if quitting my job and just rock climbing every day for a month would cure my back pain...

‪This morning’s small wonder: a tiny girl in a stroller seriously scrutinizing a pair of business cards‬

Really appreciate the way the sense of space develops in this

[includes non-graphic sex + violence]

"Release your fears and anxieties. Pass them to a new generation."

My work crush complimented my new shoes :]

Illustrated article "The Good War: How America’s infatuation with World War II has eroded our conscience"


: discussion of the forces that create and replenish labor supply, a resource which seems to just assume. My first thought was towards the ways in which we build each other up (public education, healthcare et c), but Prof. Bhattacharya portrays it as more of a breaking down in order to accept capitalist work terms.

[Jacobin Radio] Behind the News: What Social Reproduction Theory Offers Us

Rather than sexual relationships and reproductive organs, humbly suggesting the use of more genuinely offensive phrases for times of anger, e.g.

- you're a total archon
- what an utter sultan
- oh put a crown on
- why don't you go and abdicate you absolute monarch


Stream 74 Sun Ra Albums Free Online.

Decades of "Space Jazz" and Other Forms of Intergalactic, Afrofuturistic Musical Creativity goo.gl/GbvMD9 t.co/rK5BTrKkIB

the safest way to use computers remains abstinence