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Slightly too horny to not cw comic drawing of a woman. No nudity / sex Show more

Activists + anarchists + other caring folks occupying ICE office loading dock in NYC.

Come out if you can - 201 Varick Street in Manhattan - any time, any day

Let women ghosts wear pants!

‪I wonder if Victorian people knew they’d make such good ghosts‬

‪Adiaŭ al printempo‬

‪Oldiĝis homo tag' post tago‬
‪Printemp' forpasis jar' post jaro‬
‪Drinku la tason ĝis la fino‬
‪kaj ne bedaŭru pri l' florfalo!‬

‪- Wang Wei‬
‪Trad. Gouzhu‬

‪Maybe computers aren’t all bad...‬

This is the first time any kind of image recognition tool or unrequested bot interaction has felt pleasant and benign to me, I’m shocked

Some kind of plant identification bot called on twitter tells me it’s probably some kind of leucadendron

‪Anyone have any idea what this plant is? I found it in the flower stand of a local grocery store‬

Trying to motivate myself to sign up for a local CSA but I'm allergic to spending hundreds of dollars at once

I curse God for making me the way I am... for giving me this awful desire for organized religion

Disappointed I wasn't chosen as the hottest gamer in Brooklyn.

Feeling ethically compromised at my job as I have been asked to bring a comment section into existence

Satan’s contributions to the natural sciences are sadly underappreciated. Without all those fossils he put in the ground, we’d know a lot less about the history of life on earth.

Alpha Centauri reboot where all the factions are just slightly different leftist tendencies

‪ATTENTION: seeking bad motherfuckers for upcoming heist‬

tfw you're a lady and you doth protest too much