It always buffles me how people have gotten so up in arms with Bitcoin and its power consumption.
Im not saying its not a problem. It absolutely is. And it is bad.

But where is this anger for consumption economy? For capitalism? For the goverment energy?
Or as a better analogy. Where is this anger for the financial sector? That includes stock market and everything.



Cryptocurrency, Capitalism, Consumption based economy, Goverment, Currency, "Cloud computers".

They are all useless imaginary human conventions. And they are all huge energy wasters.
I am not saying dont attack Bitcoin. Do it.
But start using Small web projects, p2p, lessen the cloud. Selfhost. Lessen your Consumption. Gift economy.Veganism.
I am not saying the people that complain about Bitcoin dont do all of these.

But I wish I was seeing the same energy to abolish other stuff too.


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