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"closures". Even the infamous enclosure acts that forced people off their land and into capitalism also had some intention of using the land; this land is not going to be used anytime soon. Instead, this seems to be about desperately forcing anyone who dares survive without eternal supplication to the whims of the rich out of sight if not to actual death in a ditch somewhere, but i'll save philosophizing for after we force the city of Minneapolis to back off again.

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Thursday. This Thursday, that's the date of destruction, put on these flyers without even the pretense of giving a rationalization for such cruelty.

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Hey Minneapolis the anodyne language in this flyer hides a very real and immediate threat of extreme violence— throwing a community of two dozen people out of the stable home they have built on utterly vacant city-owned land into instability and true homelessness, enforced by the infamous police brutality of the MPD.

Please stand with us against this.

Updates coming soon to

Signal Boost: (904) 844 0976


"Consider this thought experiment: if Portugal has higher levels of human welfare than the United States with $38000 less GDP per capita, then we can conclude that $38000 of America’s per capita income is effectively ‘wasted’. That adds up to $13 trillion per year for the US economy as a whole. That’s $13 trillion worth of extraction and production and consumption each year, and $13 trillion worth of ecological pressure, that adds nothing, in and of itself, to the fundamentals of human welfare."

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one could argue that maybe the company should be arrested for harvesting data on that scale and not securing it at all

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My only solace is that the evil bastards who are fully aware this is happening and yet continue to expand their cancerous industries are human. They have names, addresses, fears, hopes, families, all things we can use to CONVINCE them of the error of their ways. Likewise, global capitalism HAS the resources to address this crisis in the remaining window, it IS still, barely, a matter of poltical will.

We are the last generation that will have this choice.

Ironically, this decentralized web effort uses Meetup dot com. Still of interest i think:

Anyone know how to get these other policing numbers?

Another example is the schools, which used to pay the police for "school resource officers"; was that counted? How about the police-like "public safety support specialists" the school board is replacing them with?

And if anyone can dig up the budget numbers, anyone in contact with to try to get the topline cost of police in Minneapolis updated?

Show thread was recently released, and it features

It is fairly certain that the budget going to policing in Minneapolis is severely undercounted there.

For a start, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board, an independent board which receives a whopping $135M, has it's own police force (that happens to be uniquely awful and abolishable) but even drilling into the source you cannot see its police spending:

This, folks, is the unstoppable power for FOSS: someone's created by building on the superb FOSS app, Inkscape. FOSS lets *you* be the developer. If you want to be. As this person clearly did. And now everyone doing embroidery has a cool new tool to help them.

The French Sugar Business in the Eighteenth Century by Robert Louis Stein

#blackchattelslavery, #france, #frenchcolonialism, #frenchimperialism, #economics, #history, #Caribbean, #sugar, #sugarplantations, #Guadeloupe, #Haiti, #saintdomingue, #Martinique, #Tobago, #SaintLucia, #StLucia, #Guiana, #frenchGuyana, #Guyane, #sugarcane, #Antilles

Plantations in the French Antilles (principally in Haiti) became major sugar producers in the 18th century, and France became a main distributor to other European countries. Stein provides a clear and coherent (if sometimes repetitious) explanation of the three-pronged trade; ships from France carried slaves from Africa to the Antilles, and then returned to Europe with sugar. The slaves, most of whom died of disease and overwork, were victims of the French sugar trade.

Thousands filled the streets of Athens, Greece today in response to the hunger strike of prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas ( and the government's efforts to institute totalitarian control.

Facebook has censored any mention of this.

The need isn't new — — and no reason to think it's going away.

So a long recurring con is ideal.

We make use of the separate media echo chambers with strategic leaks between.

In one, we rally rich vegetarians to give money to meatpackers to *not* show up to work and deal a death blow to the country's meat habit.

In another, we rally Trumpers to give meatpackers money to organize against this anti-American conspiracy and get back to work to preserve the US meat supply.

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OK the uniquely horrible conditions meatpacking workers suffer under has been paining me especially since the awful needless deaths started hitting them at the beginning of COVID-19.

Does anyone have a connection with groups working directly with meatpackers? And anyone else have some sockpuppet accounts, esp. rightwing ones, on Facebook and Twitter?

Want to play vegetarians and Trumpers off each other, both to send money directly to workers to stop/keep working.

Outrageous, cable companies have monopolies or oligopolies in the US but states cannot force them to sell you access to their channels a la carte. This needs to be more widely known, both as a warning to the future these corps want with the internet, and to make demand for antitrust enforcement a mighty roar…

The annoying part of this would be working with landlords and real estate agents who (forgive my generosity toward our neighborhood parasites) understandably don't want to be left as the intermediary for stuff people decide they don't want, so this service has to reliably reassure this key party until we find a way to abolish them.

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Would love to see this integrated with mutual aid networks more than not-for-profits (such as Salvation Army which ends up being the last resort so often). And i can imagine coming up with more creative ways to connect people with what they want to move furniture short distances that don't even need a truck, while giving people paid work.

Mostly though there's just a lot of time and money and stress to be saved even if "yeah i'll take this furnished as-is" only happens 20% of the time.

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Business idea (one i'd like to help with, especially with people from marginalized communities in the twin cities interested in worker-coop benefit or hybrid coop and corp approach):

Help people sell furniture in the apartment (or house) they're leaving to the people who are moving in.

Leaver puts a deposit down for about as much as they'd spend moving the furniture out.

If the people moving in buy it, share the $$.

If not, deposit covers donating it to Habitat re-store or such.

Republicans are an openly fascist party intent on seizing power to preserve white rule.

And rich liberals and corporations would rather Democrats lose (the Senate also) than let us plebes have the belief that we can have money and nice things.

(Riffing off of )

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