Just got information about the "virtual part" of my daughter's home schooling and I have to say that I am positively surprised!

The school uses #Moodle run by the state's own operator (#Belwue in Baden Württemberg, Germany) and all video calls run over #bigbluebutton also operated by them.

They have a clear and concise privacy statement (they even describe every cookie and its function), no trackers and no external scripts!

"If we understand China not as trying to transcend capitalism but as locked in competition with the US for control over the system, this leads to a very different political conclusion: we must chart our own course of radical liberation, independent of and opposed to all existing state powers." lausan.hk/2020/why-china-is-ca

Recognizing most all work for human liberation as requiring abolition of policing,

and seeing opposition to police terror as a necessary part of movements for housing, healthcare, food justice, economic fairness, and the environment,

opens a great deal of tactical opportunity.

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When police attack us to defend power and privilege now, they are starting from a position of weakness: Already hated for their brutality, their parasitical preying on the poor for fines and fees, and their racist application of unjust laws.

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When we take back land for indigenous communities (and the global climate), the police attack us.

When we stop corporate landlords from evicting us into houselessness, the police try to throw us out.

When people try to survive capitalism by living outdoors, the police force people out of sight.

When we choose what to do with our streets and neighborhoods, police invade.

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People rightly bemoan that we have failed. We demanded and rioted but police are still killing Black and Brown people.

The good news is we are taking on the final boss first.

The system is completely corrupt and irredeemable. Cheer on every effort to pirate this vaccine. Ground every private jet for the multitude of crimes they represent, and the climate and health crimes they will commit if flown. Become ungovernable and build a new world.

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But instead, the US, UK, and EU (which chose, to varying degrees, to let millions get sick and hundreds of thousands die rather than aggressively test, contact trace, and pay people to stay home) are both denying the vaccine (through the WTO) and unleashing their rich to travel.

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In 2021, corona virus strains which developed in 'rich' countries will be devastating 'poor' countries as rich people travel and rich corporations hoard the vaccine.

So far, good public health measures (and undoubtedly some luck and geography) have given much of Africa, Oceana, and Asia orders of magnitude lower per-capita infection and deaths than Europe and the Americas.

With vaccines developed, billions of people should now be safe.

if you are interested in going beyond voting in elections to stop fascism, to keep people housed and fed, and to win power for workers and communities from the owning and ruling classes, and especially if you live in Minnesota, please follow @WorkersDefenseAlliance which just got on the fediverse with that Mastodon account!

capitalism didn't just arrive in a singular moment like some of its apologists like to claim — it's a continual process. when we say private property is theft it's not just in some abstract sense of 'this should have belonged to us', but very literally 'this was, and continues to be, taken from us'. capitalism is a continuing process of moving wealth from the periphery to the core

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@extinct hey if you turn on the lights you aren't really nightcrew

Can you detect the faint glow of a red-shifted laptop screen?

Already lots of capitalists boarding up business windows in south Minneapolis currently. It's as if they already think that voting with bricks might create more lasting change than with ballots...

Both the mayor and council would fund the same number of police in 2021, something I think is lost on the people calling for a mayoral veto. Which means we're basically debating how many imaginary cops we should hire and defending the Chief's honor from non-existent attacks.

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It's so tragic, as high school acquaintances - especially those I admired, like one who wrote really beautifully for our literary magazine - are graduating college, and I see them (on LinkedIn, yes I judge myself), becoming SEO consultants with a frequency it's scary.

I think we don't talk enough about Google's greater footprint, SEO specifically. It's incredibly toxic both for the healthy web (lobotomizing our search results) but also the brilliant minds it traps.


Do you have a WordPress blog? Did you know you can connect it to the Fediverse?

✅ There's a WordPress plugin which lets people on Mastodon (and the rest of the Fediverse) follow, share and comment on your blog. It's called ActivityPub For Wordpress and you can get it from here: wordpress.org/plugins/activity

The author of the plugin is @pfefferle

#FediTips #Fediverse #WordPress #Plugins #MastoTips #Mastodon #ActivityPub

"We, as a society, need to stop criminalizing poverty, addiction, and mental health issues - we need to stop sending people into institutions that we know exacerbate these and other issues. We can come up with other systems that are not born out of racist ideologies and capitalistic strategies to profit off of mostly black and brown bodies in cages. That is part of the effort of The Compost "


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