I started a blog series, Enhance Your Drupal Website’s Authoring Experience, for two reasons

1. I still hear outdated critiques of Drupal's UX (it's improved A LOT recently)
2. I still see many Drupal sites that with just a few tweaks will be much easier to use


People in Minneapolis have blocked forced removals at four encampments now, in many ways an echo of the uprising.

And, especially if we extend this mutual defense to housed renters and mortgage havers, we limit policing and push toward material justice.

Cassandra came to the successful defense of her camp two weeks ago (and while there was quoted by reporter Susan Du
critiquing the city's attempt at forced removal and, in particular, its timing: "Why would they wait until the wintertime to do some [expletive] like that?")

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Hi all, asking on behalf of a wonderful woman who used to live at @NNmutualaid camp and now has housing, but as y'all know there are more expenses in life than housing:

CashApp $CassandraCaples

She's stayed so supportive of everybody, thank you for help supporting back!

For tax purposes for the person receiving, be sure to designate the money sent as a gift in the purpose/note. Practice now to help Cassandra and get in the habit!

Instead we need to take care of ourselves until the simple presence of people priced out of housing refusing to leave forces our governments to help (or get out of the way)

Support @NNmutualaid camp here:


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old article but when people say the city could be re-imbursed for putting unhoused people up in hotels for the entire pandemic, that's true, and it's a scandal that Minneapolis and more cities are not taking advantage of this opportunity to help people

Show and Tell will be on Thursday at 3PM ET.
This week we will be giving a demo of Drutopia, a distribution that Agaric has helped to configure to allow organizations to benefit from the power and flexibility of Drupal.

drutopia.org/ is built with Drutopia. If this interests you, this talk will be a great opportunity to see what Drutopia looks like to a content editor and to resolve any unanswered questions.

Visit agaric.coop/show for info on how to join.

@mlncn Update from another source: "The city didn't show, they updated their eviction signs to read 'week of' Jan 11th. They'll probably show some morning this week. Defenders are planning to be on the ground every morning. Keep spending the word and keep the pressure up!"

In Iowa city, Chomp, a food delivery app owned as a cooperative has outcompeted the tech giants.

It provides an exciting model for restaurants to bounce back from the pandemic, with six cities across the US seeking to replicate their success.

This is the first issue of a weekly newsletter about cooperative success stories and ideas about the future of the movement.


@mlncn I read an article on Minnesota trespassing laws recently, and... yeah, Minnesota is a prison state.

Fun fact: trespassing actually isn't illegal in the United Kingdom.

And now, what's coming this January 11, the city of Minneapolis threatens to destroy yet another encampment. One that has given home and community to dozens and given many time to get permanent housing, and that has resisted attacks from the government before.

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The most exhaustive accounting yet of Minneapolis' violence against unhoused people, from all last summer and fall, by Yusra Murad:


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When it became clear that there were no weapons of mass destruction or any good (non-corrupt, non-imperial) reason to invade Iraq, my grandfather changed his politics. In his 80s.

When we see government repeatedly lie to and about unhoused people, will we change our politics?

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When George W. Bush had the US military invade Iraq, predictably leading to mass death, my grandfather told me the government must know something we did not.

Similarly, cities destroying encampments is so starkly cruel people think local government MUST have good reasons.

If foreign drones had dropped bombs on us, we would be talking about that from the start.

Hundreds of homes destroyed by a climate-fueled fire, and we are looking for a "cause."

Regardless of the efficient cause (arson, power lines, whatever), we know the formal cause.


This writer is a liberal and that hampers this article, but this is a really solid read on the ways that statism and hierarchy conspire to keep people powerless and homeless.

Somehow a Democratic Party organization got my e-mail and has been spamming for a couple weeks— this time asking me to 'sign' a holiday card to Biden and Harris. So, uh, yeah, i replied angrily but tried to keep it liberal-friendly enough that they might understand.


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