For as much as I hate Facebook, after a few years away from it I do really wish community events were organized off of there. I can't find them easily. So much radical community is gatekept behind facebook, instagram, and google forms.

Email lists are gone, txt trees vanished, community radio station announcements of public events are silent, telephone poles are void of flyers, and the physical organizing spaces seem to be slipping away. 😕

@polymerwitch It’s a huge problem. I refuse to use FB, so I miss hearing about many events.

I have thought about starting a Mobilizon instance to help deal with this. But even after getting it set up, there would be work to do - promotion and all that. Perhaps if I find others in my region who are interested…

@KolokokoBird I think things like this need to start with a community. Once the community is formed, then non-tech people really need to do a better job of accepting proposals from tech people instead of dismissing them due to the fact they can just use corporate platforms and have more control siloed with them. Tech people (including me) need to do a better job of bringing understandable proposals to community groups that fit the needs of the group instead of being the "Next Cool Thing ™️ "


@polymerwitch @KolokokoBird yes, @agaric is trying to build the approach of 'post on your own site first, syndicate elsewhere' into , and we have a client looking to build a big aggregate 'green events' calendar so maybe we'll be able to make some progress on this for events. If it's possible at all to push events to a Facebook (page or group) from a website, happy to help maintain a style service for that.

Thoughts welcome here or here: !

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