@agaric chose Zulip because it was the best chat realtime+async chat and coordination software available (and we did not have to host it ourselves) but i am becoming increasingly impressed with Zulip as a model of sustainable


What is , you ask?

Free/Libre software hosted for you, and it is a term @z428 and i, if no one else, will make happen:

> "software as a service" hostings in an ethical environment

online apps and tools provided with 100% open source free software that you can realistically host yourself or take to another provider with full data portability guaranteed by the failsafe that you can run the exact same code.


Ideally, would also be cooperatively hosted.

The cloud is only "someone else's computer" if you don't own it— if you democratically control the software with the other people relying on the service provided, as is the case with social.coop on which i write these words, then it's your computer, too.

A final element of , Free/Libre Software as a Service (hosted by not-you or a cooperative including you), that i consider essential is that it be a paid service, and that some of the money go into funding the development of the software itself.

I'm not sure social.coop or meet.coop necessarily meet this last criteria, but i may be too narrow— using and identifying bugs and improvements in is a way of contributing also.

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