Hey Minneapolis the anodyne language in this flyer hides a very real and immediate threat of extreme violence— throwing a community of two dozen people out of the stable home they have built on utterly vacant city-owned land into instability and true homelessness, enforced by the infamous police brutality of the MPD.

Please stand with us against this.

Updates coming soon to solidaritynet.work/nn

Signal Boost: (904) 844 0976

And: nearnorthdefense@protonmail.com

Thursday. This Thursday, that's the date of destruction, put on these flyers without even the pretense of giving a rationalization for such cruelty.

^^ @riotmuffin @unicornriot @lawremipsum @WedgeLIVE @HongPong


"closures". Even the infamous enclosure acts that forced people off their land and into capitalism also had some intention of using the land; this land is not going to be used anytime soon. Instead, this seems to be about desperately forcing anyone who dares survive without eternal supplication to the whims of the rich out of sight if not to actual death in a ditch somewhere, but i'll save philosophizing for after we force the city of Minneapolis to back off again.

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