OK the uniquely horrible conditions meatpacking workers suffer under has been paining me especially since the awful needless deaths started hitting them at the beginning of COVID-19.


Does anyone have a connection with groups working directly with meatpackers? And anyone else have some sockpuppet accounts, esp. rightwing ones, on Facebook and Twitter?

Want to play vegetarians and Trumpers off each other, both to send money directly to workers to stop/keep working.


The need isn't new — portside.org/2018-12-30/trump- — and no reason to think it's going away.

So a long recurring con is ideal.

We make use of the separate media echo chambers with strategic leaks between.

In one, we rally rich vegetarians to give money to meatpackers to *not* show up to work and deal a death blow to the country's meat habit.

In another, we rally Trumpers to give meatpackers money to organize against this anti-American conspiracy and get back to work to preserve the US meat supply.

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