Business idea (one i'd like to help with, especially with people from marginalized communities in the twin cities interested in worker-coop benefit or hybrid coop and corp approach):

Help people sell furniture in the apartment (or house) they're leaving to the people who are moving in.

Leaver puts a deposit down for about as much as they'd spend moving the furniture out.

If the people moving in buy it, share the $$.

If not, deposit covers donating it to Habitat re-store or such.

Would love to see this integrated with mutual aid networks more than not-for-profits (such as Salvation Army which ends up being the last resort so often). And i can imagine coming up with more creative ways to connect people with what they want to move furniture short distances that don't even need a truck, while giving people paid work.

Mostly though there's just a lot of time and money and stress to be saved even if "yeah i'll take this furnished as-is" only happens 20% of the time.


The annoying part of this would be working with landlords and real estate agents who (forgive my generosity toward our neighborhood parasites) understandably don't want to be left as the intermediary for stuff people decide they don't want, so this service has to reliably reassure this key party until we find a way to abolish them.

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