@therealraccoon sure! @agaric is in the North American network techworker.coop/ (website out of date, but the group has re-activated and is actively adding members). We're also in the Boston Chamber of Cooperatives boston.coop/ which is for all kinds of cooperatives and i think is meant to include WORC’N, Worker-Owned and Run Cooperative Network of Greater Boston, worcn.org/ .. which we're also in and paying for the domain name & meetup group but it isn't active.


@therealraccoon @agaric I personally am in Minneapolis now and while we have a huge overall co-op scene i don't know of any pan-coop federation nor of a specifically worker-coop network in the Twin Cities, but i'd love to be corrected or be part of forming one!

@therealraccoon @agaric And i know in Austin that Vulk Coop helped found the Austin Software Co-operatives Meetup, meetup.com/de-DE/Austin-Softwa which is at least a proto local worker-owned co-op network

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