The Democratic National Committee won't devote one of their forty-three primary debates to global warming. It's an existential threat to life, but spending too much time talking about it might distract the populous from... uh, distract us from appreciating the delicate distinctions Democrats define between the desires of their wealthy donors and the vicious austerity backed by outright fascism that Republicans favor.

Either one of the two major parties, or any major media outlet, could make global warming impossible to ignore for any people seeking to be decision-makers. The same goes for poverty, and health care, and the risk of nuclear war, and racist state violence from police brutality to mass incarceration, and voter suppression, and a host of other matters of life and death for billions of people.

And if you're in politics, or media—or anywhere else where you have a modicum of public presence—and you permit the portrayal of refugees, themselves, as a bigger problem than the global-warming-fueled ecological crises, the gross economic inequality, the war, the paramilitary and state violence, and the neo-imperialist exploitation that people are *seeking refuge from*, then get out.


Quit your job, if you permit perpetrators of fascist policies to have anywhere near equal time for claiming *other* people are racist or antisemetic, as you spend covering or promoting coverage of people trying to survive and people trying to stop the *violence*—economic, environmental, military, police, gender-based, or neo-nazi—resulting from business-as-usual injustice now buttressed by an openly white nationalist, fascist political movement.

We can't wait for the people who promote or permit weaponized hate to vacate the media and political organizations they inhabit, and we don't necessarily have the power to throw them out. But we can have the same effect by speaking in one voice on the things that matter most in our lives. A way we can build a big platform that can't be ignored and can't be co-opted is to share equally in the decisions of what news and information is broadcast most widely. Let me know if you're interested.

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