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As long as American life is something to be escaped from the cartel can always be assured of a steady supply of new customers.

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A circuit made from lemons, copper coins and galvanised (zinc-coated) nails. Lighting up a low-current LED.

The copper and zinc are electrodes, amd the lemon juice is an electrolyte. The acid in the lemon juice reacts chemically with the zinc and liberates electrons. These flow to the copper. Three of these electrochemical batteries in series is enough to light a low-current LED.

I mean this stuff is like woahhh. Absolutely fascinating!

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My friend wants to join mastodon and doesn’t know what instance to join. Anyone know if there is a critical or radical / instance?

code is law?

"A platform designed to help groups make decisions without hierarchy and representatives, built on anarchist values."

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People think of communism and anarchism as utopian but at the end of the day I just want to see people's needs be met and for them to be happy without getting fucked over by external forces and it says a lot that just by following this line of thinking you end up so radical

And I really don't understand how people can view the world as anything other than a total hellscape right now

space ship cooperatives!

Self organization among prison inmates could probably provide insight on self organization on the surveillance network we call the internet. Mac Gaskins definitely has something to say about cooperation against the odds.


* Am a person.
* Non-state Socialism!
* Revolutionary Space Programs!
* The venture communist we need, not the guillotine we deserve.

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